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Nikki Wallace

I have always been artistic and over the years have dabbled with fabrics, wool, tin, old horseshoes - in fact, pretty much anything that I saw some decorative or useful purpose for!
For the past 24 years, I have been lucky enough to call West Penwith in Cornwall - with it’s beautiful coastline - my home. Sadly, I have become only too aware of the huge problem of the plastics that end up not only in landfill, but in the ocean and on beautiful beaches not only in the UK, but all around the world. 

In March 2018 whilst on holiday in the Caribbean, I experienced the resulting devastation of a heavy storm, the resorts’ stunning beach dumped with hundreds of tons of plastic waste! 
Although I cannot singlehandedly solve this problem, it was this experience coupled with increasing media interest in reducing the amount of plastics we use, that led me to my exploration of plastic and tin as a medium to create flowers and other original decorative items from the waste that we humans produce.
I am passionately on a mission to turn something ugly into something beautiful and help reduce the damaging effects to our environment in my own small way.

Flowers and accessories

As mentioned above, I have recycled tin and other materials for a number of years to make decorative items to use around my home and as gifts for friends.

In May 2018, I started making solar light lamp shades and was soon making flowers from the top part of the bottles. I then discovered ‘moulding’ using heat to produce a more tulip like flower from the bottom of the bottles and this in turn led to the making of roses with the middle section. I now only waste the tiny pieces that I cut away to form the flower. 

My first ‘big’ day out with my creations was at Lafrowda – a small local festival held in July in St Just. I was terrified, but it seemed that people liked my ideas and I now have a selection of my work permanently at The Mirva Gallery in Causewayhead, Penzance and The Craft Collective in Redruth. I am excited to announce that I will also be at the beach hut in Porthleven from the 1st of April till the 31st October 2019.

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100% recycled tin and plastic from domestic waste and the flotsam of the ocean

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