Outdoor Flowers
Decorations & Accessories

All of the flowers are 100% weather proof but can just as easily be popped in a vase to brighten up any room and they will last a lifetime- just run them under some water to rid them of dust!

There will be a range of Christmas wreaths etc available later in the year.

Festivals & Holidays

Love the flowers but don't have a garden? 

Take a look at these wearable flowers which have been designed to give a unique and eco friendly lift to your bag, scarf or sun hat  - they are bright and colourful and will make you stand out at any festival!

Coming soon - festival wreath and flowers to embellish your camper van.


Make your special days floral arrangements as everlasting as your marriage. Bridal flowers normally only survive for a week or two – imagine being able to keep them forever and reduce waste in our environment at the same time! Guests can have an everlasting memory of your day when you gift them your table decorations too!

Let me create your table decorations, headdresses – and bouquets to your specifications with up-cycled plastic bottles. In an attempt to reduce land fill collect your favourite bottles, jars etc and they can be embellished to become elegant and original centre pieces for the top table and your guests’ tables.


I am open to ideas so if you have an idea you think I may be able to assist you with please just make contact via email.

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